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Broadcast live one-time or re-occurring events with no bandwidth limits, white label, embedding and a free website. We are the leaders with more features than our closest competitor, who can only offer you a promise that they will eventually catch up and provide simular tools at no additional cost.

Our live streaming service is ideal for 'corporate training/webinars, church services, concerts, sporting events, weddings and much more.

We don't promote features you will never use. Instead, we list the features that matter most to the consumer and eliminate all the unnecessary items that are designed to mislead the consumer.

Our pricing and features are upfront so you don't have to sift thru layers of web pages to find the real information.

Basic Package Comparison
Elite Live Broadcasting
Competitor #1
Competitor #2
      Package Title
      Price (Monthly)
  Monthly Streams
  Viewer Hours (Ad-Free)
  FLV Video Storage Space
Not Disclosed
  ADD - YouTube & Vimeo videos         We are the "First & Only provider to offer this feature (09/12/2012)
  AD Control sm
  No Bandwidth Limits
  Unlimited Ad Free Streaming
  Pay-Per-View (with no additional fees)
  White Label
  Embed PayPal Buttons
  Multiple Live (Simultaneous) Publishing
  Email Support 24/7
  Unlimited Data Transfer
  Live Broadcasting
  Mobile Streaming Support
  Secured Streaming
  Video Playlists
  VoD Streaming
  Free Website
      Years In Business
Who can watch the live broadcast?
Anyone from around the world with a computer and internet access.
Will I need a website?
No. We provide you with a FREE website designed specifically for live broadcasting, you just have to select a color scheme.
Can I use my current website?
Yes. We can give your IT professional or web hosting company the code to embed into your existing website.
How fast does my internet connection need to be?
At least 700kbps or higher Upload Speed to live stream at 500kbps
Can I use my current computer?
Yes. If your computer meets or exceeds our hardware & software requirements. We recomend using a dedicated computer systems without any programs running in the background.
What are your hardware and software requiremnets?
Windows XP or Higher with:
* 3GHz Intel quad- or 8 Core and 8GB of RAM
* 40MB of available hard-disk space
* 1024x768 screen resolution with 32-bit video card
* Microsoft DirectShow compatible video capture device
Mac OS X v10.5.6 or Higher with:
* 3GHz Intel quad- or 8 Core and 8GB of RAM
* 50MB of available hard-disk space
* 1024x768 screen resolution
* QuickTime compatible audio/video capture devices
Is there a live streaming system you recomend that meets the requirements?
Yes. We sell the Elite SD and Elite HD live streaming systems. The Elite HD system includes HDMI connections so you can connect any HD Camcorder or HD devise and stream from it.
Can I broadcast from a remote location?
Yes. You can broadcast from any location that has internet access. The Elite SD and Elite HD Systems are portable with a handle built in for easy transport.

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