Ad Control is the perfect tool for inserting your own commercials, promos, announcements of upcoming events into your on-demand videos without editing the entire video.
You make $ dollars not cents. The user does not have to click on the ad, you get paid directly from your sponsor. You can also link to the Ad Control account from youtube. You have done all the work so why let someone else profit from your on-demand videos.
With "AD Control" your organization has complete advertising control of your on-demand video content. You can insert video commercials and Banners from businesses around the world and in your local community. The video commercials can be inserted at the beginning, end or anywhere in between, including picture-in-picture.
You do not need our live streaming service to take advantage of our exclusive Ad Control(sm) feature. Our developers have made it easy for anyone to embed the Ad Control(sm) module into their existing website.

Important Facts: Internet video ads were more than 27 times more effective than standard banner ads and more than 12 times more effective than rich media advertising during the first six months of 2012.

Brand advertisers who have forsaken the internet and online video ads are missing out, as new statistics out show that August 2012 had record viewership levels of online video content.

Click here to Watch and Interact with the Ad Control Demo.

How does it work?
You simply upload your most recent on-demand videos to our servers and configure the timing of your promos and commercials.
Will I have to change live stream providers to use the Ad Control Feature?
No. You can retain your current provider.
Can I still use YouTube and other on-demand video providers?
Yes. You only have to upload your most recent videos and commercials to our servers. Your other on-demand videos can remain with YouTube.
Do I need a website?
Yes, because you have to embed the code for the Ad Control module into your web page.
What if I don't have a website?
We can provide you with one for a nominal fee.

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